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Our recent review articles

Life history traits and reproductive ecology of North American chorus frogs of the genus Pseudacris (Hylidae)

Ethier et. al provide an overview of the Pseudacris genus, including breeding behaviour, reproduction, development, survival and longevity. 

Avian corticosteroid-binding globulin: biological function and regulatory mechanisms in physiological stress responses

Lin et al. provide insight into evolutionary adaptations in corticosteroid-binding globulin functions to accommodate physiological and endocrine changes in birds compared with mammals.

Evolution and development of the bird chondrocranium

Hüppi et al. present a comprehensive analysis on the chondrification sequence and the diversity of the cartilaginous embryonic skull of birds based on detailed descriptions published since the 19th century.

Ocean acidification promotes broad transcriptomic responses in marine metazoans: a literature survey

Hofmann et al. summarize key findings across the increasing number of comparative transcriptomics studies of the response of marine metazoans to ocean change.

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