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Table 3 Summary of the national and subnational status of frog species in the genus Pseudacris, separated by clade

From: Life history traits and reproductive ecology of North American chorus frogs of the genus Pseudacris (Hylidae)

Clade Species National distribution IUCN Status IUCN Trend NatureServe subnational status rank (CAN & USA)
West coast P. cadaverina USA, MEX Least concern Stable CA: SNR
  P. hypochondriaca* USA, MEX Least concern* Stable* CA, NV: SNR; UT: SU; AZ: S3
  P. sierra* USA Least concern* Stable* CA, OR: SNR; UT: SH; MT: S4; ID, NV: S5
  P. regilla USA, CAN Least concern Stable AK, CA: SNR; MT: S4; BC, OR, WA: S5
Fat frog P. illinoensis USA Least concern Unknown AR: S1; MO: S2; IL: S2S3
  P. ornata USA Least concern Stable LA: SH; MS: S1; NC: S2; FL: S2S3; SC: S3S4; AL, GA: S5
  P. streckeri USA Least concern Unknown IL, MO, OK: SNR; LA: S1; AR, KS: S2; TX: S3
Crucifer P. crucifer USA, CAN Least concern Stable FL, IN, OH, OK, SC: SNR; NL: S1S2; KS: S3; DC, IA, MN: S4; MB, NB, NS, ON, PE, QC, AL, AR, CT, DE, GA, IL, KY, LA, ME, MD, MI, MS, MO, NH, NJ, NY, NC, PA, RI, TN, TX, VT, VA, WV, WI: S5
  P. ocularis USA Least concern Stable SC: SU; FL: SNR; AL: S1; VA: S3; GA: S4S5; NC: S5
Trilling frog P. brachyphona USA Least concern Unknown OH: SNR; MD: S1; GA, NC, PA: S2; MS: S3; TN, VA, WV: S4; KY: S5
  P. brimleyi USA Least concern Stable SC: SNR; GA: S1; NC, VA: S4
  P. clarkii USA, MEX Least concern Stable OK: SNR; KS, TX: S5
  P. feriarum USA Least concern Stable NJ: SU; FL: SNR; PA: S1; DC, WV: S3; IL: S4; AL, GA, KY, MD, MS, MO, NC, SC, TN, VA: S5
  P. fouquettei USA Least concern Stable TX: SU; MS, MO: SNR; OK: S3; AR, LA: S5
  P. kalmi USA Least concern Stable VA: SNR; PA: S1; NJ: S3; DE, MD: S4
  P. maculata USA, CAN Least concern Stable ND, OK: SNR; MI, VT: S1; YT: S1S2; QC, IN: S2; NY: S2S3; NM: S3; ID, IA, ON, UT: S4; BC, NT: S4S5; AB, MB, ON, SA, AZ, CO, IL, KS, MN, MO, MT, NE, SD, WI, WY: S5
  P. nigrita USA Least concern Stable FL, LA, SC: SNR; NC: S2; VA: S3; AL, GA, MS: S5
  P. triseriata USA, CAN Least concern Decreasing QC, IL, OH: SNR; PA: S1; NY: S2S3; ON, IN: S4; KY, MI: S5
  1. NatureServe subnational ranks range from most at risk of extinction (critically imperilled; S1) to least at risk of extinction (stable; S5), and include ranks for species that are unrankable (SU), currently unranked (SNR), or presumed to be extirpated (SH). Multiple ranks combined (i.e., S2S3) indicate uncertainty of conservation status. See Additional files 3, 4: Table S3–S4 for a more detailed descriptions of ranking and a full list of abbreviations. Region abbreviation (i.e., CA, NV, UT, etc.) are bolded for legibility and hold no other significance
  2. *Species considered a subspecies of P. regilla by IUCN
  3. Species considered a subspecies of P. streckeri by IUCN