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Table 3 Loadings of processing parameters on the first two principal components (PC1 and PC2)

From: Ontogenetic plasticity in cranial morphology is associated with a change in the food processing behavior in Alpine newts

Parameter PC1 PC2
(18) Duration hyobranchial movement cycle 0.836a −0.123
(15) Magnitude hyobranchial depression 0.779a 0.353
(14) Magnitude hyobranchial elevation 0.663a 0.480
(1) Magnitude gape opening −0.036 0.872a
(3) Duration gape opening 0.300 0.699a
Total variance explained (%) 48.1 21.0
  1. Parameters marked with aload strongly (> 0.5) on each respective principal component. Note that parameters connected to hyobranchial movement load more strongly in PC1 while parameters connected to gape movements load more strongly on PC2