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Table 1 Specimen information and sequence accession numbers for newly sampled species

From: An integrative systematic framework helps to reconstruct skeletal evolution of glass sponges (Porifera, Hexactinellida)

Species Family Origin Voucher Source 18S 28S 16S COI
Schulzeviella n. sp. Pheronematidae Hawaii P4-224 sp5 HURL LT627545b LT627531
Doconesthes dustinchiversi Rossellidae B.C. 014-00412-001 RBCM LT627517 LT627550a
Asconema fristedti Rossellidae Florida 17-XI-05-2-2 HBOI LT627532b LT627516
Bolosominae n. gen. n. sp. Euplectellidae Hawaii P4-224 sp7 HURL LT627534b LT627520 LT627552a
Atlantisella sp. Euplectellidae Galapagos 22-X-95-1-7 HBOI LT627547b LT627533 LT627519
Iphiteon sp. Dactylocalycidae Bahamas 24-V-93-1-7 HBOI LT627537b LT627522 LT627553
Dactylocalyx sp. Dactylocalycidae Bahamas 22-XI-02-3-13 HBOI LT627538b LT627525
Dactylocalyx pumiceus Dactylocalycidae Bahamas 12-IV-05-1-10 HBOI LT627548 LT627539 LT627523
Dactylocalyx pumiceus Dactylocalycidae Bonaire RMNH POR 9215 RMNH LT627540 LT627524 LT627554a
Euryplegma auriculare Aulocalycidae NZ NIWA 43457 NIWA LT627546a LT627535b LT627518 LT627551a
Tretopleura n. sp. 1 Uncinateridae Hawaii P5-701 sp4 HURL LT627543b LT627530 LT627555b
Tretopleura n. sp. 2 Uncinateridae Hawaii P4-229 sp10 HURL LT627542b LT627529 LT627556b
Heterorete sp. Euretidae Hawaii P4-224 sp1 HURL LT627536b LT627521
Homoieurete macquariense Euretidae MR QM G331848 QM LT627528 LT627559a
Cyrtaulon sigsbeei Tretodictyidae Bonaire RMNH POR 9219 RMNH LT627549b LT627544a LT627526 LT627557b
Laocoetis perion Craticulariidae Madagascar DW 3213 MIRIKY LT627541 LT627527 LT627558b
  1. Notes: B.C. British Columbia, Canada, MR Macquarie Ridge, NZ New Zealand (specimen supplied by NIWA Invertebrate Collection, NIWA, Wellington), HURL Hawaiian Undersea Research Laboratory (samples collected with submersible PISCES), HBOI Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution (samples collected with submersible Johnson-Sea-Link II; most subsamples taken during August 2011 PorToL Integrative Taxonomy Workshop at Ft. Pierce, FL, USA), QM Queensland Museum, Brisbane, Australia, NIWA National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, New Zealand, RBCM Royal British Columbia Museum, RMNH Naturalis, Leiden, The Netherlands (samples provided by R.W.M. van Soest), MIRIKY French Expedition MIRIKY 2009. Underwater photographs of Heterorete sp. and Tretopleura n. sp. 1 are given in Fig. 1b and c, respectively. aonly 5′ half; bonly 3′ half