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Figure 7

From: Molluscan mega-hemocyanin: an ancient oxygen carrier tuned by a ~550 kDa polypeptide

Figure 7

3D reconstruction of Leptoxis carinata mega-hemocyanin at 13-Å resolution. (a, a') Mega-tridecamer, with the three decamers and the collar complexes color-coded (typical decamers: blue/golden; mega-decamer: light-blue/red); (b, b') extracted mega-didecamer; (c, c') extracted mega-decamer. The peripheral decamers and the wall of the central decamer conform to the molecular model of KLH1 [1]. A detailed model of the central collar complex (red) will require a higher resolution 3D reconstruction and the complete amino acid sequence of the 550 kDa polypeptide.

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