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Table 1 Species names, life styles, and sampling sites of the four crab species (Decapoda, Brachyura) collected in southern Taiwan in May 2007

From: Dietary preferences of brachyuran crabs from Taiwan for marine or terrestrial food sources: evidence based on fatty acid trophic markers

Species Family Life style Habitat Feeding mode Sampling position
Percnon affine Percnidae marine lower rocky intertidal herbivorous 21°55′54.6″N, 120°49′29.0″E
Grapsus albolineatus Grapsidae marine spray zone, rock pools herbi−/omnivorous 21°55′54.6″N, 120°49′29.0″E
Orisarma intermedium Sesarmidae semi-terrestrial estuaries, salt marshes herbivorous 21°59′17.1″N, 120°50′40.2″E
Geothelphusa albogilva Potamidae terrestrial mountain rivers herbivorous 22°02′30.8″N, 120°46′13.3″E