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Fig. 7

From: Non-invasive quantification of cardiac stroke volume in the edible crab Cancer pagurus

Fig. 7

Stroke volume proxy of C. pagurus over time under different levels of water PO2. The cardiac stroke volume was approximated from signal peak integrals of IR-PPG recordings (cf. Figure 4) at 12 °C water temperature. Values were averaged over the last 6 h before switching to hypoxic conditions to represent controls and then transformed to a log2 scale. After at least 15 h of normoxic control, water PO2 was reduced to 15% air saturation by adding N2 gas. Hypoxic conditions were maintained for 6 h, after which the aeration was returned to ambient air. a and b are two runs on animal 1, separated by one week of recovery; c = animal 2; d = animal 3

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