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Table 1 Composition of spirulina powder and whole body, liver and tail of stage 30–31 R. omeimontis tadpoles. Data are presented as single values or mean ± SE

From: Characterizing the composition, metabolism and physiological functions of the fatty liver in Rana omeimontis tadpoles

 Spirulina PowderTadpoleLiverTail
Total protein (g/100 g) ± 0.42
Sugar (g/100 g)2.2 a1.1 a4.15 ± 0.56 b0.34 ± 0.07 b
Lipid (g/100 g)0.6 c1.3 c15.0 ± 1.17 d
Total energy (kJ/100 g)1474186
  1. a Total sugar content; b Glycogen content; c Total lipid content; d TG content; −---, not detected