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Table 1 Equivalency table for terminology related to the cnidosac from published research [3, 30, 31, 64,65,66,67,68,69, 74]

From: Comparative morphology and evolution of the cnidosac in Cladobranchia (Gastropoda: Heterobranchia: Nudibranchia)

Author Herein Cnidosac Cnidocysts Channel Exit/Cnidopore Cnidophage Digestive gland
Hancock & Embleton 1845 ovate vesicle/sac elliptical bodies with slender, hair-like filaments ciliated channel external orifice little transparent ellipsoidal membranous bags liver caecum
Wright 1863 ovoid vesicle/sac cnidae, thread cells biliary sac
Herdman & Clubb 1889 cnidophorous sac cnida connecting tube, ciliated canal terminal opening cnidocyst hepatic caecum
Herdman 1890 cnidophorous sac cnida, thread cells slender tube with thin walls & few muscle fibers clearly defined aperature at the apex cnidocyst hepatic diverticulum
Grosvenor 1903 cnidophorous sac/cnidosac/cnidophore nematocysts ciliated canal terminal opening cnidocyst/cnidoblast alimentary canal/ diverticula of the gastric gland
Edmunds 1966 cnidosac nematocysts cnidopore cells digestive gland
Kälker & Schmekel 1976 cnidosac cnidocysts pore/ narrow duct entrance nematophage hepatopancreas
Conklin & Mariscal, 1977 cnidosac nematocysts cnidopore cnidocyst  
Ohkawa & Yamasu, 1993 cnidosac nematocysts cnidophage cell digestive diverticulum
Greenwood 2009 cnidosac nematocysts/kleptocnidae cnidophage cell digestive diverticula