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Table 1 List of MUPs identified in male urine using nLC-MS/MS

From: Two predominant MUPs, OBP3 and MUP13, are male pheromones in rats

Accession number Description Score Coverage Unique peptides AAs MW (kD) pI
P02761 Major urinary protein OS (MUP13) 926.58 82.32 3 181 20.7 5.48
Q8K1Q6 Alpha-2u globulin PGCL2 785.29 78.45 1 181 20.7 5.3
Q78E14 OBP3 90.27 75.98 9 179 20.3 4.7
  1. The accession number was based on UniProt database. Description: the protein identified in the UniProt database. Score: ion score of the identified protein from the UniProt database. Coverage: sequence coverage calculated by dividing the number of matching amino acid residues by the total number of residues in the observed protein. Unique peptides: the number of sequences from the identified peptides that differed in at least 1 amino acid residue
  2. AAs number of amino acids, MW molecular weight, pI isoelectric point