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Table 1 Influence of focal mouse characteristics on selectivity

From: No speed dating please! Patterns of social preference in male and female house mice

Factor (characteristics of focal mice) df X2 p
Maternal population background 1 0.6581 0.41723
Paternal population background 1 2.9311 0.08689
Sex 1 0.6974 0.40365
Pure or mixed population background 1 5.3001 0.02132
First as focal or first as satellite mouse 1 0.0154 0.90127
Maternal population background: Sex 1 0.0173 0.89533
Paternal population background: Sex 1 5.4789 0.01925
  1. Presented are the results of all fixed effects of the generalised linear model, degrees of freedom (df), Chi-Square values (X2) and p-values. T-haplotype status was included as random effect. Significant results are printed in bold