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Table 2 Modelling the occupancy dynamics of the tiger mosquito in Mallorca Island. ψ = occupancy probability, γ = colonization probability, ε = extinction probability. Effects: t = time effect, dist = distance from the site of first observation, m.ψ = autocovariate based on the average occupancy rate in the whole area, D = autocovariate based on the adjacent occupancy rate (see details in ‘Methods’). Note that ψ(covariate) refers to occupancy rate in 2012 only, the occupancy probabilities for the subsequent years are calculated as derived parameters (see text for details)

From: Modelling the range expansion of the Tiger mosquito in a Mediterranean Island accounting for imperfect detection

Model Type of dispersal Autocovariate Notation DIC Reference
1 Initial diffusion + leapfrog Νο ψ(dist)γ(t)ε(t)p(t) 352.29 [26]
2 Leapfrog Νο ψ(t)γ(t)ε(t)p(t) 353.89 [26]
3 Diffusion No ψ(dist)γ(dist)ε(t)p(t) 362.03 [26]
4 Diffusion Νο ψ(t)γ(dist)ε(t)p(t) 363.84 [26]
5 Leapfrog / Diffusion Yes ψ(t)γ(m. ψ)ε(t)p(t) 374.32 [47]
6 Stratified Diffusion Yes ψ(t)γ(D)ε(t)p(t) 406.18 [4]