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Table 1 Comparison of the results of this study with the studies of Saint Remy, Holmgren, Hanström, and Breidbach & Wegerhoff [2527, 29, 30]

From: The visual system of harvestmen (Opiliones, Arachnida, Chelicerata) – a re-examination

This study Saint Remy Holmgren Hanström Breidbach & Wegerhoff
‘plaited’ nerve (without chiasma) couche fibro-médullaire supérieure three neuropils (“Sehmassen”), without mapping first optic mass first optic lobe
couche des fibrilles chiasmatiques chiasma chiasma 1
first visual neuropil couche fibro-médullaire inférieure second optic mass, layer A second optic lobe, external
neuropil border (without chiasma) séparés par une substance plus claire (neuropil border) second optic mass, layer B second optic lobe, internal
second visual neuropil masse médullaire second optic mass, layer C unnamed area and chiasma 2