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Table 3 Parasite identifications made using SSU rDNA

From: Fecal metagenomics for the simultaneous assessment of diet, parasites, and population genetics of an understudied primate

Phylum Order Genus BLM1 BLM2 BLM3 BLM4 BLM5 BLM6
(Protozoa) N/A Blastocystis sp. 271 540 162   1035  
Amoebozoa Archamoebae Entamoeba sp. 1900 813 725 35   6
Nematoda Rhabditida Strongyloides sp. 19 11     6
Nematoda Rhabditida Oesophagostomum sp.       6
  1. The values under the samples represent the number of paired sequences identified. Identifications with counts <5 were excluded