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Table 2 The 8- and 14-element data sets

From: Semi-automatic landmark point annotation for geometric morphometrics

Specimen Description
1 Mus macedonicus (Macedonian mouse)
2 Mus musculus domesticus (House mouse)
3 Mus musculus domesticus (House mouse)
4 Mus musculus domesticus (House mouse)
5 Mus musculus musculus (House mouse)
6 Mus musculus musculus (House mouse)
7 Mus musculus musculus (House mouse)
8 Mus musculus musculus (House mouse)
9 Apodemus flavicollis (Yellow-necked mouse)
10 Apodemus sylvaticus (Wood mouse)
11 Apodemus sylvaticus (Wood mouse)
12 Meriones unguiculatus (Mongolian gerbil)
13 Microtus fortis (Reed vole)
14 Phodopus sungorus (Djungarian hamster)
  1. The 8-element data set consisted of the first 8 specimens, all of which were various species from the genus Mus. The 14-element data set also included specimens from other genera. Expert manual annotation of 40 mandible landmarks was performed for each specimen; see Table 3 for details.