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Table 2 Results of the PCA

From: Brighter-colored paper wasps (Polistes dominula) have larger poison glands

Variable PCA1 PCA2
Red channel (Yellow part) 0.772727 0.211890
Green channel (Yellow part) 0.814046 0.192539
Blue channel (Yellow part) 0.555765 0.191997
Red channel (Black part) 0.673897 -0.439375
Green channel (Black part) 0.705118 -0.537537
Blue channel (Black part) 0.721660 -0.408761
Abdomen length (mm) 0.256526 0.565074
Abdomen width (mm) 0.182501 0.763811
Head width (mm) 0.349572 0.739708
  1. Relationship (loading) among variables of coloration and morphology with the factors PCA1 and PCA2 extracted of the PCA. The two factors explained the 60.9% of variance in coloration and body size.