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Table 1 Morphometric analysis of olfactory compartments

From: Brain architecture of the largest living land arthropod, the Giant Robber Crab Birgus latro (Crustacea, Anomura, Coenobitidae): evidence for a prominent central olfactory pathway?

Brain compartment Neuropil Neuropil volume (μm3) Proportion of the total neuropil volume (%) Cell cluster Nucleus diameter (μm) Cell counts
Entire brain   2,849,638,500 100 - - -
Protocerebrum HN - hemiellipsoid body neuropil 191,421,900 13.4 5 5.55 253556
Deutocerebrum ON - olfactory neuropil 374,681,700 26.3 9/11 6.74 89808
Deutocerebrum AcN - accessory neuropil 500,693 0.04 10 5.43 162250
  1. Means of olfaction-related neuropil volumes, estimated cell counts and ranges of cell nucleus diameters for corresponding cell clusters are summarized here. All values, except the percentage of the neuropil volume to the total neuropil volume of the entire brain, refer to means of a single brain hemisphere of Birgus latro.