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Table 1 Sampling sites (PA = Strait of Magellan near Punta Arenas, AO = Atlantic opening of the Strait of Magellan, FI = Falkland Islands).

From: Cryptic speciation in a benthic isopod from Patagonian and Falkland Island waters and the impact of glaciations on its population structure

Region Depth [m] Year Cruise NMSAT NmtDNA
Strait of Magellan near Punta Arenas 8 m 1996 SCUBA diving (CH) 35 27
Opening of the Strait of Magellan to the Atlantic Ocean <20 m 2003 2nd Cruce Estrecho 33 22
West Falkland Islands 15 m 2004 ICEFISH 2004 23 22
  1. Numbers of specimens studied using nuclear microsatellite markers (NMsat and mitochondrial markers (NmtDNA) of the populations of S. paradoxa investigated in this study.