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Figure 3

From: Outlining eicosanoid biosynthesis in the crustacean Daphnia

Figure 3

Phylogenetic tree of cyclooxygenase (COX) based on protein sequences from a diverse range of organisms constructed using Maximum Likelihood. All bootstrap values above 80 have been removed. Scale: 0.1 substitutions per site. Sequences can be retrieved from GenBank [19] or Ensembl [20], while the Daphnia pulex COX was derived from a predicted protein sequence based on the best gene model available on the D. pulex genome portal [14]. Note that some sequences are based on EST information (see Methods). Abbreviations (accession no. in brackets with COX1 shown first when there are two no.): CANIS, Canis familiaris (NP_001003023; NP_001003354); CHICK, Gallus gallus (P27607); CIOIN, Ciona intestinalis (ENSCINT00000012734); CIOSA, C. savignyi (ENSCSAVT00000000782); DANRE, Danio rerio (Q8JH44; Q6P4V3); DPULX, Daphnia pulex (NCBI_GNO_0900053); FUNHE, Fundulus heteroclitus (Q6QNF2); GEFRU, Gersemia fruticosa (Q9GPF4; Q6S375); HOMA, Homarus americanus (EST: DV772953, DV774102, EH401871 and FD699680); HUMAN, Homo sapiens (P23219; P35354); MOUSE, Mus musculus (Q543T1; Q05769); ONCMY, Oncorhynchus mykiss (Q9DEQ0; Q9W715); PANTR, Pan troglodytes (ENSPTRT00000042391; ENSPTRT00000003246); PETRO, Petrolisthes cinctipes (EST: FE773225, FE820815); PLEHO, Plexaura homomalla (Q962I8; Q5IX63); RABIT, Oryctolagus cuniculus (O97554; O02768); RAT, Rattus norvegicus (Q63921; Q63124); SALFO, Salvelinus fontinalis (Q9PTN3; Q9PW89); SHEEP, Ovis aries (P05979; P79208); SQUAC, Squalus acanthias (Q8UVQ3); XENLA, Xenopus laevis (A0A9J3); XENTR, X. tropicalis (ENSXETT00000035660; Q501R2).

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