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Figure 8

From: A review of the correlation of tergites, sternites, and leg pairs in diplopods

Figure 8

Dorsal engrailed stripes mark the forming tergite borders. Shown is an in situ hybridisation for engrailed in a stage 6 Glomeris embryo. At this stage the embryo rolls in (see leg pairs at ventral side in B) and it becomes clear that the dorsal stripes of engrailed expression are co-localised with the tergite borders. Panel A shows a bright field image of the in situ hybridisation staining, panel B shows an epifluorescence image of the same embryo, in which the nuclear DAPI staining becomes bright, and the in situ hybridisation staining appears dark due to quenching of the fluorescence. The future tergites are denoted with roman numbers (I–VI).

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