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Table 1 An excerpt from the raw data record of a group of four hens

From: Music notation: a new method for visualizing social interaction in animals and humans

Time Interaction
09:31:58:0 3P4
09:32:20:3 3P4
09:32:41:7 3P4
09:33:25:6 1P4
09:33:26:8 1P4
09:33:27:2 1P4
09:33:27:5 1P4
09:34:57:7 1P4
09:34:59:3 1J4
09:35:00:5 1P4
09:35:01:3 1P4
09:35:02:3 1P4
09:35:02:7 1P4
09:35:03:1 1P4
09:35:03:4 1P4
09:35:22:2 4P1
09:35:24:0 4J1
09:40:15:4 3P1
09:40:23:9 2P1
09:46:53:3 2P1
09:46:56:6 2P1
09:46:58:9 2J1
09:47:00:7 2P1
09:47:03:7 2P1
09:47:04:4 2P1
09:47:23:7 2C1
09:47:26:0 3P2
  1. The numbers 1 through 4 indicate the identities of the hens. Each letter indicates a different kind of aggressive contact behaviour. A "P" indicates a peck, a "J" a jump on (one hen strikes another with one or both feet), and a "C" a claw (one hen scratches another with the claws of one foot while keeping the other foot on the substrate). Each line of the table gives the time at which a behavior occurred and the identity of the hens initiating and receiving the behavior. In the music notation graphs shown in this paper all three kinds of aggressive contact behaviours are considered together as attacks. See the text for more details.