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Table 2 One-way analysis of variance for average hemocyte count across three parasite dose treatments (zero, low, and high). The first contrast tests for a difference between exposed (low and high dose) and not exposed treatments (zero dose), and the second contrast tests for a difference between low and high dose treatments.

From: Immune response to sympatric and allopatric parasites in a snail-trematode interaction

   s.s. d.f. m.s. F p
Between Groups 0.496 2 0.248 3.705 0.031
Within Groups 3.819 57 0.067   
Total 4.316 59    
  Contrast    t d.f. p
  Control vs. Exposed    2.66 57 0.010
  Low dose vs. High dose    0.600 57 0.551