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Table 4 Collection information for Chironomidae samples used in the 454-pyrosequencing experiment

From: Environmental monitoring using next generation sequencing: rapid identification of macroinvertebrate bioindicator species

Site code Site Date Latitude Longitude
BR08 Barwon River at Pollocksford Rd, Stonehaven, Victoria, Australia 13-Oct-08 −38.15 144.19
DB09 Deep Creek at Bulla Rd, Bulla, Victoria, Australia 7-Oct-09 −37.63 144.80
GC09 Gardiners Creek at High St, Glen Iris, Victoria, Australia 13-Oct-09 −37.89 145.14
HW09 Highlands Wetland Estate, Cragieburn, Victoria, Australia 9-Oct-09 −37.59 144.90
LE09 Lynbrook Estate Wetlands at Lynbrook Boulevard, Lynbrook, Victoria, Australia 6-Oct-09 −38.06 145.25
MC09 Maribyrnong River at Caulder Hwy, Keilor, Victoria, Australia 7-Oct-09 −37.69 144.80
ME09 Brodies Lakes at Greenvale Reservoir Park, Greenvale, Victoria, Australia 12-Oct-09 −37.63 144.89
RL09 Red Leap Reserve, Mill Park, Victoria, Australia 9-Oct-09 −37.67 145.06
SK09 Shankland Wetland, Meadow Heights, Victoria, Australia 12-Oct-09 −37.65 144.91
UK09 Platypus Ponds, Sunbury, Victoria, Australia 7-Oct-09 −37.55 144.74