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Table 1 Abbreviations and/or coloration of morphological structures follow mostly Wood and Parkinson (2019)

From: Diversification through gustatory courtship: an X-ray micro-computed tomography study on dwarf spiders

Structure and abbreviation in present paper Color in figures
Gustatory glandular tissue Purple
Anterior median eyes (AME)  
Anterior medial inner muscle (AMI) Dark Blue
Anterior medial muscle (AM) Dark purple
Anterior medial outer muscle (AMO) Light blue
Anterior outer muscle (AO) Red
Anterior pharyngeal dilator muscle (DA) Light orange
Inter-cheliceral-sclerite muscle (IC) Aqua
Lateral anterior muscle (LA) Yellow
Lateral posterior muscle (LP) Magenta
Posterior median eyes (PME) -
Posterior medial muscle (PM) Green
Posterior pharyngeal dilator muscle (DP) Dark orange