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Table 5 Differences in the activity patterns of large and mid-sized mammals in the Gobi Desert, around the Full and New moon. The preferred lunar phase for each species is indicated. The difference index is based on the square root of the sum of the squared differences in frequency between both lunar phases

From: A small neighborhood well-organized: seasonal and daily activity patterns of the community of large and mid-sized mammals around waterholes in the Gobi Desert, Mongolia

Species Preferred lunar phase Difference index
Snow leopard Full moon 0.33
Eurasian lynx Full moon 0.27
Bactrian camel Full moon 0.19
Grey wolf Full moon 0.16
Siberian ibex Full moon 0.13
Argali Full moon 0.12
Red fox New moon 0.10
Tolai hare Full moon 0.10
Brown bear New moon 0.10
Khulan New moon 0.05