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Table 1 A selection of chondrocranial features typical for birds listed by de Beer [11]

From: Evolution and development of the bird chondrocranium

Distinctive features of birds and crocodilians (de Beer 1937:463):
(i) The presence of a median prenasal process.
(ii) The formation of infrapolar processes.
(iii) The formation of subcapsular process or metotic cartilages.
Features that birds share with crocodilians and chelonians (de Beer1937:463):
(i) The intraparachordal course of the notochord.
Features shared by reptilians in general (de Beer 1937:463):
(ii) The formation of the supratrabecular bar (except Ophidia).
(iii) The disposition of the orbital cartilage (planum supraseptale) and pila antotica.