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Table 2 Species and specimens of [Meligethes s.str. and Odonthogethes], Brassicogethes and Meligethinus used for molecular analysis. GenBank accession numbers for each sample and location are also reported

From: Rosaceae, Brassicaceae and pollen beetles: exploring relationships and evolution in an anthophilous beetle lineage (Nitidulidae, Meligethes-complex of genera) using an integrative approach

Species Sample ID Localities COI 16S CAD
Meligethes auripilis MAU1_1 China- Sichuan, Kangding co MT949505 MT957159 MT966856
Meligethes auripilis MAU1_2 China- Sichuan, Kangding co MT949506 MT957160 MT966857
Meligethes auropilosus MAURO1_1 China- Hubei, Shennongjia Forest, Shennong Peak area MT949504 MT957158 MT966855
Meligethes binotatus MBI1_1 China- Sichuan-Xiangcheng co. MT949503 MT957157 MT966854
Meligethes chinensis 4C2 China- Chongqing, Shizhu, Huangshui MT949517 MT957171 MT966865
Meligethes elytralis MEL1_1 China- Sichuan, Xiangcheng co MT949509 MT957163 MT966860
Meligethes ferruginoides MFE1_1 China- Sichuan-Moxi-Yanzigou MT949511 MT957165 /
Meligethes hammondi MHA 1_1 China- Hubei, Shennongjia forest, Muyu MT949502 MT957156 MT966853
Meligethes luteomaculatus MLU1_1 China- Hubei, Shennongjia Forest, Shennong Peak area MT949518 MT957172 MT966866
Meligethes macrofemoratus MMA1_1 China- Hubei, Shennongjia forest MT949510 MT957164 MT966861
Meligethes pallidoelytrorum MPA2_1 China-Sichuan-Ganzi-Moxi Town MT949521 MT957175 MT966869
Meligethes pectoralis MPEC1_1 China- Guizhou-Tongzi-Louguan-Mts-Wanmuhuahai MT949515 MT957169 /
Meligethes pectoralis MPEC1_2 China- Guizhou-Tongzi-Louguan-Mts-Wanmuhuahai MT949514 MT957168 /
Meligethes pseudochinensis 4A10 China- Hubei, Shennongjia forest, Muyu MT949523 MT957177 MT966871
Meligethes pseudochinensis 4C5 China- Chongqing, Shizhu, Huangshui MT949522 MT957176 MT966870
Meligethes semenovi 2C41 China- Tibet, Shannan, Cuona, Gongri MT949508 MT957162 MT966859
Meligethes semenovi 2C42 China- Tibet, Shannan, Cuona, Gongri MT949507 MT957161 MT966858
Meligethes scrobescens 4B7 China- Chongqing, Shizhu, Huangshui MT949516 MT957170 MT966864
Meligethes transmissus MTR1_1 China- Sichuan, Kangding co MT949501 MT957155 MT966852
Meligethes violaceus MVI1_1 China- Zhejiang-Quzhou City-Jiangshan City MT949519 MT957173 MT966867
Meligethes wagneri 4C4 China- Chongqing, Shizhu, Huangshui MT949520 MT957174 MT966868
Meligethes xenogynus 3A31 China- Shaanxi, Meixian, Haoping temple MT949512 MT957166 MT966862
Meligethes xenogynus 3A32 China- Shaanxi, Meixian, Haoping temple MT949513 MT957167 MT966863
Brassicogethes coracinus CR8_1 Turkey-Ardahan-road between Göle and Susuz MT949498 MT957152 MT966849
Brassicogethes aeneus BAE13_3 Italy- Lazio- Pomezia - Borgo di pratica di mare MT949496 MT957150 MT966847
Brassicogethes aeneus BAE13_4 Italy- Lazio- Pomezia - Borgo di pratica di mare MT949497 MT957151 MT966848
Brassicogethes salvan BSA1.1 Italy- Piemonte- Mt.Palafrè- Lago inf. Del Frisson MT949495 MT957149 MT966846
Meligethinus peringueyi MEP1_1 Mozambique- Maputo,Reserva Especial MT949500 MT957154 MT966851
Meligethinus dolosus MED1_2 Mozambique- Maputo,Reserva Especial MT949499 MT957153 MT966850