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Table 2 Pagel’s λ results to detect a phylogenetic signal

From: Cranial morphology of captive mammals: a meta-analysis

Feature Analysis λ Mean λ StDev
Skull Length Directional 0.89* 0.01
Magnitude 2.2e-4 6.8e10–4
Skull Width Directional 0.01 0.07
Magnitude 0.54 0.15
Skull L:W Directional 0.88* 0.01
Magnitude 0.70 0.01
  1. Mean lambda estimate from 2000 randomly selected phylogenic trees and the standard deviation (StDev) around that mean for skull length, skull width, and skull length-to-width (L:W) analyses. Significant results are indicated in bold and asterisks indicate p-value range: 0.01–0.05*