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Table 1 GenBank Accession numbers by species and site for the three Alviniconcha spp.

From: Classical and computed tomographic anatomical analyses in a not-so-cryptic Alviniconcha species complex from hydrothermal vents in the SW Pacific

  A. kojimai (66)A. strummeri (8)A. boucheti (32)
Vent sitesStéphanie (5)MT010417 – MT010420 (4)MT010483 (1)-
Obel’x (28)MT010421 – MT010444 (24)MT010484 – MT010487 (4)-
Aster’x (24)MT010445 – MT010465 (21)MT010488 – MT010490 (3)-
Fati Ufu (49)MT010466 – MT010482 (17)-MT010491 – MT010522 (32)