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Table 1 A summary of the Illumina HiSeq sequencing and assembly of L. mandarinus and L. brandtii. N50: The N50 length is used to determine the assembly continuity, the higher the better. N50 is a weighted median statistic that 50% of the total length is contained in transcripts that are equal to or larger than this value. GC (%): the percentage of G and C bases in all Unigenes

From: Transcriptome analysis of the response provided by Lasiopodomys mandarinus to severe hypoxia includes enhancing DNA repair and damage prevention

 L. mandarinusL. brandtii
Reads length (bp)PE; 125 bpPE; 125 bp
Total number of raw reads196,066,964202,476,460
Total number of clean reads177,508,410184,167,383
Total Number of Transcripts137,697132,622
Total Number of Unigenes80,97883,444
N50 (All)30973362
Median contig length (bp)652630
Average contig length (bp)1470.191524.68
Assembly (bp)202,440,402202,206,577
N50 of Unigenes23512410
Median contig length of Unigenes (bp)403408
Average contig length of Unigenes (bp)986.631000.63
Assembly of Unigenes (bp)79,895,48283,496,653
GC (%)49.1349.28