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Table 1 Studies conducted on Javan lutung, with a general description of the main habitat type and amount of rainfall, showing that the majority of studies were conducted in areas with an annual rainfall over 2000 mm covered in rainforest. In bold are areas where one or more individual studies of more than 1 year of duration were conducted (excluding the present study)

From: Habitat suitability analysis reveals high ecological flexibility in a “strict” forest primate

Study site, provinceStudies (n)Years of publicationAnnual rainfall (mm)Habitat type
Pangandaran, W Java161983–20193322Lowland rainforest / forest plantation
Mts Dieng, C Java41998–20184300Lowland to montane rainforest
Halimun, Banten51992–20083869Hill to montane rainforest
Ujung Kulon, Banten31972–19943519Lowland rainforest
Mt Gede-Pangrango, W Java31995–20133041Hill to montane rainforest
Mt Bromo-Tengger, E Java32008–20173500Hill to montane rainforest
Mt Merapi, C Java22014–20163675Hill to montane rainforest
Mt Slamet, C Java22012–20174280Hill to montane rainforest
Mts Yang, C Java22011–20132279Montane rainforest
Cepu, C Java21991–19941800Deciduous forest / forest plantation
Bali Barat, Bali22003–20131500Deciduous forest
Mt Masigit-Kareumbi, W Java120161900Montane rainforest
Cikepuh, W Java119943450Lowland rainforest
Muara Gembong, W Java119881650Mangrove forest
Mt Ciremai, W Java120143138Hill to montane rainforest
Baluran, E Java119861050Deciduous forest