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Table 5 RNA-seq differential gene expression of S. gregaria ecdysone biosynthesis enzymes in the highly secreting pleuropodia

From: Transcriptome of pleuropodia from locust embryos supports that these organs produce enzymes enabling the larva to hatch

GeneUP/DOWNaFold changeExpressionb
shade (shd), Cyp314A1nsc  
shadow (sad), Cyp315A1ns  
disembodied (dib), Cyp302A1UP5.71431 (55 %)
phantom (phm), Cyp306A1ns  
shroud (sro)ns  
spook (spo), Cyp307A1DOWN−12.321368 (89 %)
neverland (nvd)ns  
Cyp6t3not found  
  1. a upregulated (UP)/ downregulated (DOWN)
  2. b the DEGs (781 upregulated and 1535 downregulated) were ranked according to their RPKM in descending order, the number (percentage) describes the position of the DEG in the ranked table
  3. c not significant
  4. d not applicable (expression low to undetectable in both samples, transcript filtered out)