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Table 4 RNA-seq differential gene expression of S. gregaria lysozymes in the highly secreting pleuropodia

From: Transcriptome of pleuropodia from locust embryos supports that these organs produce enzymes enabling the larva to hatch

Lysozyme typeGeneUP/DOWNaFold changeExpressionb
C-type lysozymeSg-LyzC-1UP336.642 (0.26 %)
Sg-LyzC-2UP134.7137 (4.74 %)
I-type lysozymeSg-LyzI-1UP550.267 (0.90 %)
Sg-LyzI-3UP30.6276 (9.73 %)
Sg-LyzI-4DOWN−34.411251 (81.50 %)
Lysozyme-likeSg-Lyz-like-1UP192.68150 (19.21 %)
  1. a upregulated (UP)/ downregulated (DOWN)
  2. b the DEGs (781 upregulated) were ranked according to their RPKM in descending order, the number (percentage) describes the position of the DEG in the ranked table; transcripts in bold were among the top 25 % most abundant
  3. c not significant