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Table 2 Amounts of melanin markers in molluscan shells (μg per g of sample)

From: Eumelanin and pheomelanin pigmentation in mollusc shells may be less common than expected: insights from mass spectrometry

SampleEumelanin markersPheomelanin markers
PDCA (μg/g)PTCA (μg/g)TDCA (μg/g)TTCA (μg/g)
M. edulis
 with periostracum0.040.15n.d.n.d.
 without periostracum< 0.010.05n.d.n.d.
N. pompilius0.010.03n.d.n.d.
C. nemoralis0.020.070.940.33
C. pharaonius0.110.02n.d.n.d.
S. adriatica0.500.06n.d.n.d.
  1. Values are not corrected for recovery. Recoveries following solid-phase extraction for PDCA, PTCA, TDCA and TTCA were 82, 76, 95 and 67%, respectively [44]. Values for N. pompilius and S. adriatica were determined following storage of sample extracts (32 weeks, − 20 °C). HPLC–MS data obtained prior to and following sample storage indicated that in the S. adriatica sample originally PTCA was the predominant marker, suggesting degradation of PTCA to PDCA. n.d., not detected