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Table 2 Amounts of melanin markers in molluscan shells (μg per g of sample)

From: Eumelanin and pheomelanin pigmentation in mollusc shells may be less common than expected: insights from mass spectrometry

Sample Eumelanin markers Pheomelanin markers
PDCA (μg/g) PTCA (μg/g) TDCA (μg/g) TTCA (μg/g)
M. edulis
 with periostracum 0.04 0.15 n.d. n.d.
 without periostracum < 0.01 0.05 n.d. n.d.
N. pompilius 0.01 0.03 n.d. n.d.
C. nemoralis 0.02 0.07 0.94 0.33
C. pharaonius 0.11 0.02 n.d. n.d.
S. adriatica 0.50 0.06 n.d. n.d.
  1. Values are not corrected for recovery. Recoveries following solid-phase extraction for PDCA, PTCA, TDCA and TTCA were 82, 76, 95 and 67%, respectively [44]. Values for N. pompilius and S. adriatica were determined following storage of sample extracts (32 weeks, − 20 °C). HPLC–MS data obtained prior to and following sample storage indicated that in the S. adriatica sample originally PTCA was the predominant marker, suggesting degradation of PTCA to PDCA. n.d., not detected