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Fig. 1

From: Non-invasive quantification of cardiac stroke volume in the edible crab Cancer pagurus

Fig. 1

3D surface projections of pericardial sinus, myocardium and ventricular cavities in the heart of C. pagurus. Reconstructions are based on a stack of 14 coronal 2D slices. Columns (a-c; d-f; g-i) represent the same perspective on the structures. For easier separation, pixel intensities for body (white), pericardial sinus (green), ventricle (red) and ventricular cavities (blue) were adjusted, depending on their outline in the 2D slices. Volumes of these structures are given in the text. Dimensions of the green box in mm: 100 × 50 × 14 (l × w × h). Arterial and venous structures are labeled as follows: AA anterior artery; ALA anterolateral arteries; HA hepatic arteries; BPV branchiopericardial veins

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