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Fig. 2

From: Characterizing the composition, metabolism and physiological functions of the fatty liver in Rana omeimontis tadpoles

Fig. 2

Hepatic fat deposition phenomenon in R. omeimontis tadpoles. a Typical morphology of a stage 31 R. omeimontis tadpole and its liver. b Micro-CT imaging of a stage 31 R. omeimontis tadpole. c Fat-specific stain by dithizone. Tissues with abundant neutral lipids are stained green. The liver is the only organ stained green. d-f Histological morphology of liver of R. omeimontis tadpoles: D, H&E staining; E, PAS staining; F, RO staining. g Distribution of triglycerides in R. omeimontis tadpoles (by TLC)

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