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Table 2 Mean (± SE) torpor parameters of Myotis lucifugus hibernating at the Williams Preserve Mine

From: The evolution of a bat population with white-nose syndrome (WNS) reveals a shift from an epizootic to an enzootic phase

Hibernation PeriodNMean Torpor Bout (d)Torpor Bout Range (d)Minimum Tskin (°C)Maximum Tskin (°C)
2008–09177.58 ± 1.39a*1.51–18.637.0 ± 0.5a*33.8 ± 0.6a*
2013–141314.68 ± 1.58b6.89–24.408.0 ± 0.3b30.0 ± 0.8b
2014–15712.90 ± 2.00b9.19–24.209.1 ± 0.7b33.1 ± 1.0a
  1. * Means within a category sharing a common lower-case letter are not statistically different at the p < 0.05 level