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Table 1 Hibernation sites and numbers of Myotis lucifugus in them during the most recent survey conducted prior to the first appearance of Pseudogymnoascus destructans

From: The evolution of a bat population with white-nose syndrome (WNS) reveals a shift from an epizootic to an enzootic phase

Site NameLocationMyotis lucifugusSurvey Year
Hailes Cave42.67°N, 74.08°W15,3742005
Howe Cave43.30°N, 74.48°W12132005
Schoharie Cavern42.69°N, 74.24°W3141984
South Bethlehem Cave42.52°N, 73.85°W1002005
Williams Preserve Mine41.88°N, 74.10°W87,4011999