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Table 1 Procrustes variance comparisons among wombat species using pairwise comparison tests with 1000 replicates. Upper/lower diagonals: p-values for comparisons of crania (cran.)/mandibles (mand.). respectively. Procrustes variance values for each species are on the diagonal. HN=Hairy-nosed. Bold p-values are significant at p < 0.05

From: Individual variation of the masticatory system dominates 3D skull shape in the herbivory-adapted marsupial wombats

  Common Northern HN Southern HN
Common 0.00219 (cran.) 0.00209 (mand.) 0.01 0.73
Northern HN 0.07 0.00156 (cran.) 0.00165 (mand.) 0.017
Southern HN 0.23 0.44 0.00210 (cran.) 0.00184 (mand.)