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Fig. 3

From: The “amphi”-brains of amphipods: new insights from the neuroanatomy of Parhyale hawaiensis (Dana, 1853)

Fig. 3

Overview of the neuroanatomy of the brain. a Frontal vibratome section at the mid-level of the brain, double-labeled against acetylated tubulin (yellow-red) and RFamide (green). b Sagittal vibratome section of the brain, triple-labeled against acetylated tubulin (yellow-red), RFamide (green) and nuclei (blue, B1) as well as against acetylated tubulin, separately (black-white inverted, B2). Insets (bottom left corner in A and right upper corner in B1) show position and orientation of depicted sections in the brain. Abbreviations: ampn anterior medial protocerebral neuropil, ann antenna 2 neuropil, ao anterior aorta, cb central body, dcl deutocerebral chemosensory lobe, ec esophageal connective, hn/tm hemiellipsoid body/ terminal medulla complex, la lamina, lal lateral accessory lobe, lan lateral antenna 1 neuropil, lo lobula, maf a myoarterial formation a, onv optical nerve, pmpn posterior medial protocerebral neuropil, pnt projection neuron tract, tn tegumentary neuropil, [numbers] somata cluster. Scale bars: (a) 50 μm, (b) 100 μm

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