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Fig. 4

From: Effects of reproduction and environmental factors on body temperature and activity patterns of wolverines

Fig. 4

Daily variation in body temperature (Tb) [°C, individual daily mamimum Tb – minimum Tb] for eight pregnant (black hollow circles) and six non-pregnant wolverines (red hollow circles) over the year (day of the year 1 = 1st January). Fitted values from GAMM model are presented for pregnant (black lines) and non-pregnant individuals (red lines). On the bottom, the black line shows the average modelled difference in daily variation in Tb [°C] with 95% CI (dashed lines) between pregnant and non-pregnant wolverines, with a red line at 0 °C difference in the background as a reference level. The grey ribbon in the background shows the time span in which daily variation in Tb of pregnant females is significantly different from Tb of non-pregnant wolverines

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