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Table 1 List of onychophoran species studied with corresponding locality data and number of genital tracts used for individual experiments

From: Evidence for cell turnover as the mechanism responsible for the transport of embryos towards the vagina in viviparous onychophorans (velvet worms)

  Species Locality Number of females used for
TUNEL/anti-PH3 anti-caspase-3
Peripatidae agen. sp. 1 6°30′08.8″N, 73°06′08.5″W, 1710 m, Santander Department, Los Santos, Colombia 2 1
agen. sp. 2 5°48′55.4″N, 73°57′33.2″W, 1819 m, Santander Department, Florián, Colombia 2 1
Peripatopsidae Euperipatoides rowelli 35°26′S, 149°33′E, 954 m, Tallaganda State Forest, New South Wales, Australia 6 2
  1. a Undescribed species