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Table 1 The differences between OC and SC or TC (OC-SC and OC-TC) for each ERP component

From: Preference of spectral features in auditory processing for advertisement calls in the music frogs

ERP component brain region OC-SC OC-TC
N1 Telencephalon −0.9606 1.0952
Diencephalon −1.0384 1.6570
Mesencephalon −1.0701 1.1728
P2 Telencephalon −0.8183 1.0006
Diencephalon −0.5074 1.5998
Mesencephalon −0.5834 1.1094
P3a Telencephalon −2.5335 −1.4414
Diencephalon −1.9293 −0.3262
Mesencephalon −1.5394 −0.2660
  1. The raw data was pooled regardless of ‘sex’ and averaged over different channels because of no significant main effect for the factors ‘sex’ and ‘channel’. Then the difference between OC and SC (OC-SC) and the difference OC and TC (OC-TC) were calculated for telencephalon, diencephalon and mesencephalon respectively