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Fig. 8

From: The neuroanatomy of Barentsia discreta (Entoprocta, Coloniales) reveals significant differences between bryozoan and entoproct nervous systems

Fig. 8

Schemes of the innervations of tentacles in (a) entoprocts and (b) bryozoans. Color legend: orange, tentacle cords and nerves; green, laterofrontal nerve; pink, abfrontal nerve; purple, ganglion; cyan, circum-oral nerve ring; blue, outer nerve ring; white, oral serotonin-like immunoreactive perikarya; yellow, frontal nerve; grey, lateroabfrontal nerve; red, peritoneal neurites. Abbreviations: a, anal opening; an, abfrontal nerve; cr, circum-oral nerve ring; fn, frontal nerve; g, ganglion; lan, lateroabfrontal nerve; lfn, latero-frontal tentacle nerve; m, mouth; or, outer nerve ring; pt, peritoneal neuritis; sp, oral serotonin-like immunoreactive perikarya; tc, tentacle cord; tn, tentacle nerve

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