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Fig. 5

From: The neuroanatomy of Barentsia discreta (Entoprocta, Coloniales) reveals significant differences between bryozoan and entoproct nervous systems

Fig. 5

Nerve elements of the calyx and tentacles in Barentsia discreta. a Longitudinal section through the nerve bundle of the calyx, (b), (c) Transverse sections through nerve bundles of the calyx, which are surrounded by the processes of the adjacent cell of the body cavity, (d) Transverse section of a tentacle (TEM), (e) Latero-frontal tentacle nerve (lfn) near the lateral cell of the frontal surface of a tentacle, (f) Abfrontal nerve (an) in the cavity of a tentacle. Abbreviations: abf, abfrontal cell of tentacle; adj, adjoining cell of a body cavity; am, amoeboid cell of body cavity; an, abfrontal tentacle nerve; bl, basal lamina; cut, cuticle; f, frontal cell of tentacle; l, lateral cell of tentacle; lf, latero-frontal cell of tentacle, lfn, latero-frontal tentacle nerve; mit, mitochondria; mt, microtubule; nb, neurite bundle; nf, nerve fiber; tm, tentacle muscle;. Asterisks indicate nerve elements in the tentacle

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