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Fig. 1

From: The neuroanatomy of Barentsia discreta (Entoprocta, Coloniales) reveals significant differences between bryozoan and entoproct nervous systems

Fig. 1

General morphology of Barentsia discreta. a Part of a colony with a zooid and young bud (SEM), (b) Scheme of the zooid, (c) Histological sagittal section of the calyx, (d) Scheme of a sagittal section of the calyx. Abbreviations: a, anal opening; ac, anal cone; b, bud; bf, buccal funnel; c, calyx; es, esophagus; g, ganglion; gd, gonoduct; in, intestine; ll, lower lip, m, mouth; mb, muscular base; mbl, muscular bulbous; nph, nephropore; p, peduncle; rec, rectum; s, stolon; st, stomach; stc, star-cell complex; t, tentacle; vg, vestibular groove

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