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Table 6 Comparison of the best models of the Multi-state Recaptures; only analyses for estimating the daily population sizes of B. pales in 2014 in Parcul Natural Bucegi, Romania: Akaike information criterion (AICC) and number of considered parameters

From: Dispersal and adaptation strategies of the high mountain butterfly Boloria pales in the Romanian Carpathians

  Model AICc Parameters
Males {S(o x t) p(size) psi(o + t)} 1525.11 22
{S(o x t) p(size) psi(o + T 2 )} 1525.13 17
{S(o x t) p(size) psi(o + T)} 1525.62 17
Females {S(t) p(.) psi(o x t)} 617.84 11
{S(o + t) p(.) psi(o x t)} 619.79 12
{S(t) p(o) psi(o x t)} 621.87 13
  1. Basic variables: survival (S), capture probability (p), transition between states respectively both sectors (psi). Dependent variables may be: constant (.), different among sectors (o), factorial (t), linear (T) and quadratic (T2) dependency on time. Capture probability may also depend on sector size (size). The model with the lowest value for AICC and the smallest numbers of parameters was chosen as best supported (underlined); for the males it was the second model, for the females it was the first model