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Table 1 Main morphological and histochemical characteristics of the three types of poison glands (COM, PAR and PER)

From: Morphological and biochemical characterization of the cutaneous poison glands in toads (Rhinella marina group) from different environments

Topological distribution Typical of dorsal warts. Present in other body regions in all species Typical of macroglands. Exclusively in Rs e Rj, in dorsal warts and other body regions Exclusive at the periphery of macroglands
Morphological characterization Spherical granules with heterogeneous subunits. Syncytium with low density and many conspicuous nuclei Elliptic and homogeneous granules, without internal subunits. Syncytium with high density and low number of nuclei Elliptic or spherical granules, with internal subunits.
Dense syncytium with conspicuous nuclei
Histochemical characterization of granules Positive to proteins, lipids and biogenic amines Positive to acid glycoconjugates, lipids and biogenic amines Positive to proteins, lipids and biogenic amines