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Table 2 Link between intra-population variation in morphology and the type of shoreline where a population occurs

From: Delineating species along shifting shorelines: Tropheus (Teleostei, Cichlidae) from the southern subbasin of Lake Tanganyika

   shallow steep p (Mann-Whitney)
meristics SR-PC1 0.54 0.71 0.0345
SR-PC2 0.91 1.07 0.3885
SR-PC3 0.79 1.11 0.1916
Weighted sum 0.84 1.01 0.0458
shape PC2 6.31E-04 5.71E-04 0.2928
PC3 7.60E-04 5.14E-04 0.0753
PC4 5.05E-04 3.11E-04 0.1482
Weighted sum 7.80E-04 5.96E-04 0.0417
  1. Median values of the variances of the six main axes for 29 populations (237 specimens) from shallow and for 38 populations (312 specimens) from steep shores are presented for the six main axes describing variation in meristics and shape. Values in bold are significant at the 0.05 level in non-parametric Mann-Whitney U tests