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Table 1 Comparison of inter-population differentiation using PST values calculated on the three main components that explain variation in meristics (mer, SR-PC1, SR-PC2, SR-PC3) and shape (meas, PC2, PC3, PC4)

From: Delineating species along shifting shorelines: Tropheus (Teleostei, Cichlidae) from the southern subbasin of Lake Tanganyika

mer Kruskall-Wallis Dunn   
SR-PC1    dis intra intra
p 9.44E-147 inter 1.34E-91 6.54E-90
χ2 672.5 dis intra   1.07E-01
SR-PC2    dis intra intra
p 1.35E-34 inter 8.44E-01 5.31E-34
χ2 156 dis intra   4.16E-25
SR-PC3    dis intra intra
p 3.20E-19 inter 5.04E-17 2.74E-08
χ2 85.17 dis intra   1.01E-01
meas Kruskall-Wallis Dunn   
PC2    dis intra intra
p 3.07E-22 inter 6.03E-04 6.15E-23
χ2 99.07 dis intra   1.22E-08
PC3    dis intra intra
p 8.48E-18 inter 3.79E-11 6.74E-13
χ2 78.62 dis intra   2.90E-01
PC4    dis intra intra
p 3.81E-04 inter 1.38E-04 5.85E-02
χ2 15.75 dis intra   2.01E-01
  1. Results for Kruskall Wallis tests and Dunn’s post hoc test, with: inter: inter-specific, dist intra: ‘distant intra-specific’, and intra: true intra-specific comparisons between populations. Values in bold are significance at the 0.01 level, after sequential Bonferroni correction for 6 (K-W) and 18 (Dunn) comparisons respectively